Game 13: Gonzaga Prep 31, Richland 17

Richland Bombers 17
Gonzaga Prep Bullpups 31
November 28, 2015

In 1979 the Richland Bomber basketball team lost their first game of the season to the Gonzaga Prep Bullpups and then proceeded to win 26 straight games and the state championship. The 2015 Richland Bomber football team was trying to duplicate history but fell just a few minutes short in a 31-17 loss to those same Bullpups in the State 4A Semifinal game at Edgar Brown Memorial Stadium in Pasco.

This game played out much like their first matchup on September 4th at Fran Rish. On the third play of the game, the Bullpups sacked Paxton Stevens and knocked the ball out of his hands. The ball bounced into the endzone and off several players before being recovered by the Bomber for the safety and the Bullpups led 2-0.

The Bomber defense showed Gonzaga Prep that they would not go quietly, forcing a fumble on their second play from scrimage which was recovered by Brecken Galliher. The defenses owned the first quarter and each team traded punts.

Late in the first quarter Gonzaga Prep was able to get something started running the ball. Starting on their own 32 yard line the Bullpups pounded the ball 11 plays and scored when Nick Johson took the ball around end for the touchdown upping their lead to 9-0.

The offensive dam broke for the Bombers as well in the second quarter. Richland's first scoring drive started on their own 37 and was highlighted by Ryan Wolski's acrobatic third down catch for 14 yards. The drive stalled on the Prep 11 so the Bomber settled for a 32 yard Wolski field goal and the Bombers were on the board down 9-3.

The Bomber defense quickly got the ball back when Lakota Wills recovered a fumble on the Bullpups 30 yard line. Paxton Stevens found Griffey March for 20 yards, After Lakota ground the ball to the 1 yard line, Kyle Whitby finished it off with a 1 yard touchdown run. Unfortunately, Wolski's extra point duck-hooked left and the game was tied at 9-9.

The Bullpups struck back on their first play as LIam Bell connected with Nick Johnson for 34 yards putting them inside Bomber territory. Four running plays later and Bell found Devin Culp in the end zone. The PAT was blocked by the Bombers but Gonzaga Prep held the lead 15-9 heading into halftime.

The third quarter was dominate by the defenses once again with each team sharing a couple punts. The Bombers had the most success sustaining a long 11-play drive that seemed to last forever. Technically it did due to 5 penalties that kept pushing them back one step for every step forward. The drive stalled, though, and it was up to Ryan Wolski to pin the Bullpups deep. And deep he did, forcing the Bullpups to begin their last drive of the third quarter at their own 1 yard line.Three plays later Griffey March tackled the Bullpup runner in the end zone for a safety and the Bombers entered the fourth quarter down only by four, 15-11.

The Bomber offense started to click. Kyle Whitby gained 12 yards on two rushes, then Paxton Stevens hit Alex Chapman for 20 yards to the 24. Paxton hit Rhett Levin on two consecutive passes for 15 and 8 yards respectively down to the 2 yard line. On his second attempt, Kyle Whitby ran it in from two yards. The extra point was blocked, but the Bombers held the lead 17-15 with 7:56 remaining in the game.

The Bullpups were able to swiftly recover from adversity though when Bell passed to Devin Culp for 35 yards down to the Bomber 9 yard line. The the Gonzaga Beast Evan Weaver bulled his way into the end zone for a 2 yard touchdown and the lead returned to Prep at 23-17 with 5:36 and plenty of time remaining in the fourth quarter.

The Bomber drive started on their own 39 yard line and started out well with Lakota pounding out four yards and Paxton hitting Alex Chapman for another 8 to put the ball just inside Bullpup territory. The Bombers tried to pass their way for another score but three straight passes ended with a loss of downs and time running out.

The Bomber defense, so valiant all game, had finally run out of steam. Evan Weaver with apparently fresh legs on his 6'4 245 pound frame, took the game into his own hands and took up the final 37 yards on five plays giving Gonzaga Prep their final score of 31-17.

Overall, this was a great game. The Richland Bombers played their hearts out and proved they were more than worthy of their third place trophy in the state tournament. This was a very fun year to watch and is easily the best team Richland has had since the 1999 state championship team.

Congratulations to all of the Bomber players, coaches, and parents for a thoroughly exciting year. All of your hard work is greatly appreciated by the entire community and we hope you hold your heads high.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me cover the games this year. We'll be back next year for the 104th year of Richland Bomber Football.


Saturday, November 28, 2015 1 2 3 4 Final
Gonzaga Prep Bullpups 2 13 0 16 31
Richland Bombers 0 9 2 6 17


Scoring Plays R GP Time
Offense recovers fumble in endzone GP safety 2 0 11:15 (1)
GP Johnson 2 yard run (GP Kutsch kick) 9 0 11:28 (2)
R Wolski 32 yard field goal 9 3 6:08 (2)
R Kyle Whitby 2 yard run (kick fail) 9 9 3:45 (2)
87GP Culp 6 yard pass from 11GP Bell (kick blocked) 15 9 1:18 (2)
GP tackled in endzone. Richland safety. 15 11 1:10 (3)
2R Kyle Whitby 2 yard run (kick blocked) 15 17 7:56 (4)
89GP Weaver 2 yard run (11GP to 30GP for two points) 23 17 5:37 (4)
89GP Weaver 2 yard run (11GP to 12GP for two points) 31 17 1:43 (4)


Go Bombers!

Game 12: Richland 28, Moses Lake 23

Richland Bombers 28
Moses Lake Chiefs 23
November 21, 2015

The Richland Bombers have earned the opportunity every one-loss team in the country hopes for: the right to play the only team that beat them in a game for all the marbles. In this case, the Richland Bombers will take on the Gonzaga Prep Bullpups for the second time this season for the 4A Eastern Washington State Championship or as others might call it the State 4A Semifinals for the chance to play in the state championship on December 5th at the Tacoma Dome.


For decades, Richland football has adhered to the motto, "Respect All, Fear None." But what about a team that lost its first game to one of your league's worst teams, Southridge, and then stopped one of the Seattle-Tacoma metro area's best running backs to reach the quarterfinals? Fear and respect aside, what can a team expect? The Moses Lake Chiefs started out their season with a loss, and then proceeded to get it together, losing again only to a top five Idaho team, and holding three 1,000 yard Big Nine Conference rushers to under 100 yards and only allowing one team to reach 20 points. Their defensive line was highly touted in the CBBN and seemed to live up to the hype.

Lakota Wills ran 72 yards for a touchdown on the second play from scrimmage. Stunned silence from the home crowd, elation from the packed visitor's side. The Bomber crowd was predicting a blowout, and it seemed at that point to be the likely outcome. The Chiefs proved otherwise, recovering from the initial shock and using their misdirection offense and excellent fake hand-offs to fight their way through the other highly touted defense on the field. Alternating between quarter back and running back, they darted up the middle for medium gains for ten plays until they crossed the goal line for a one yard score. To make a game of it, Moses Lake recovered a Griffey March fumble and settled for a field goal after being stopped by the Bomber D. Going into the second quarter down three points was an unfamiliar feeling for the Bombers.

Pinned at their own goal line after a Moses Lake punt and anti-gravity bounce, Richland used Kyle Whitby and Lakota Wills to make some ground, along with a 22 yard keeper by Paxton Stevens. With the Chiefs fortifying against the run, the underrated Bomber O line held the defense back to allow Stevens to connect with Alex Chapman, who used laser focus and will power to pull in a 50 yard pass to get inside the 5 yard line. After taking a rare sack on the left sideline, Stevens, throwing from the left hash mark, found a streaking Ryan Wolski in right corner of the end zone, who grabbed the pinpoint pass over the defender to take a 14-10 lead. With the Bomber D still adjusting to the Chiefs' tricky offense, Moses Lake was able to push themselves into Richland territory, but Wills, fellow end John Hardy, tackle Brigham Whitby, and, on this drive, tackle Adam McShane stuffed the run enough times to force a turnover on downs with halftime approaching. Mirroring each other, Moses Lake forced a turnover on downs, Richland forced another turnover on downs, and then, with 10 seconds to go, Moses Lake had Richland at fourth down and two at the Richland 25 yard line. Wolski's punt went to the left hash mark, the Chiefs' playmaker Isaiah Thomas receiving. Initially going to his right, he ducked out of the grasp Richland tackler Victor Strasser and changed directions, darting left and leaving diving tacklers in his wake, he went down the left sideline, time expired, the crowd roaring, dread filling the Richland fans as they saw him zooming toward the endzone. It was an electric run, but it ended at the 10 yard line when Strasser had the last say by dragging him out of bounds.

Richland adjusted for the second half, stopping the big runs up the middle, and forced a punt from the 50. The Chiefs then caused a Kyle Whitby fumble at the 35. Richland's D forced another punt from the 50, and then used the passing game to get back to midfield. Using another massive effort by the O line and scrambling right, Stevens drew the defense up, and saw March 20 yards downfield. March saw the play developing and ditched his man. Catching the ball at the ten, he dragged the DB into the endzone with him. 21-10, Richland.

Things looked good for the Bombers as they continued to stymie the running game and forced another punt with three to go in the third quarter, but the Chiefs wouldn't give up, also forcing a punt. On fourth down and 8 to go at the 31, the bag of tricks came out. A fake reverse flea flicker and the left side receiver running a deep curl into the end zone gave Moses Lake some much-needed hope and seven points with a minute left in the quarter. They seemed to be on a roll, forcing the Bombers into another punt. Four plays later, due to the D line's continued pressure, Moses Lake went to the passing game to gain some ground. Alex Chapman grabbed a high pass and returned it from the 40 to the 5. Down four points with less than eight minutes to go, Moses Lake was still determined to pull off a win. A mob of Chiefs tackled Whitby and punched the ball out of his arms, returning it to the 40 yard line. The next play, Brigham Whitby popped the ball from the runner for his cousin Kyle to scoop up for a short return, but Moses Lake was not feeling defeated yet. Forcing yet another punt, they went back to run, but Brigham Whitby was not done wreaking havoc. This time the fumble was recovered by Hardy. After a turnover on downs, Moses Lake got the ball back. Having lost the run and with time running out, they went to the air, only to have Chapman deliver a hard hit to the receiver, which popped the ball into the air and into the hands of Brecken Galliher, who, for the second straight game, rumbled 25 yards to the endzone.

Moses Lake was now down eleven points, 28-17, with two minutes to go. On the kickoff, and still trying to stay alive, the Chiefs' Thomas made a good return but was taken out of bounds by Braden Powell and linebacker Tait Gillespie. Starting from their 45, they didn't waste time, throwing a long ball down the left sideline for a 55 yard score. The Bomber coverage was good, but the pass was better. The two-point conversion failed, intercepted again by Galliher. Needing to burn 1:47, the Bombers kept the ball on the ground, with Stevens scrambling for a long first down and Wills burning up the rest of the clock with short runs.

The Chiefs were determined to win and never gave up, scoring more points on one of the state's top defenses than any other opponent this year. Still, Richland kept Moses Lake to 142 yards rushing and 156 yards passing and forced four turnovers in the fourth quarter to prevent a comeback win. It was one of very few games the Bombers didn't have wrapped up by the half. The tenacity of Moses Lake tested the Bombers' mettle, and proved they can keep their heads, make plays, and win games under pressure.


Tri-City Herald: Bombers rumble into semifinals


Saturday, November 21, 2015 1 2 3 4 Final
Richland Bombers 7 7 7 7 28
Moses Lake Chiefs 10 0 7 6 23


Scoring Plays R M Time
45R Wills 72 yard run(5R Wolski kick) 7 0 1QTR
ML Harrington 1 yard run (Hasse kick) 7 7 1QTR
ML Hasse 37 yard field goal 7 10 1QTR
5R Wolski 20 yard pass from 17R Stevens (5R Wolski kick) 14 10 2QTR
3R March 47 yard pass from 17R Stevens (5R Wolski kick) 21 10 3QTR
ML Russaw 30 yard pass from Griffith (Hasse kick) 21 17 3QTR
42R Galliher 27 yard interception return (5R Wolski kick) 28 17 4QTR
ML Montgomery 55 yard pass from ML Harrington (pass failed) 28 23 4QTR


Go Bombers!

2015 MCC All-Conference Team

The 2015 Mid-Columbia Conference All-Conference Football team was announed on November 18th and the conference champion Richland Bombers are well represented including MVP Lakota Wills and Coach of the Year, Mike Neidhold.

Individual Awards
  • Lakota Wills
    Richland Bombers
    Most Valuable Player
  • Mike Neidhold
    Richland Bombers
    Coach of the Year
  • Brecken Galliher
    Richland Bombers
    Defensive Player of the Year
  • Griffey March
    Richland Bombers
    All-Purpose Player of the Year
First Team Defense
  • Griffey March
    Richland Bombers
    Defensive Back
  • Alex Champman
    Richland Bombers
    Defensive Back
  • Lakota Wills
    Richland Bombers
    Defensive Line
  • John Hardy
    Richland Bombers
    Defensive Line
  • Hunter Grade
    Richland Bombers
    Defensive Line
  • Brecken Galliher
    Richland Bombers
  • Tait Gillespie
    Richland Bombers
First Team Offense
  • Hunter Grade
    Richland Bombers
    Offensive Line
  • Paxton Stevens
    Richland Bombers
  • Brecken Galliher
    Richland Bombers
    Tight End
  • Griffey March
    Richland Bombers
    Wide Receiver
  • Ryan Wolski
    Richland Bombers
Second Team Offense
  • John Hardy
    Richland Bombers
    Offensive Line
  • Dontae Powell
    Richland Bombers
    Offensive Line
  • Lakota Wills
    Richland Bombers
    Running Back
  • Rhett Levin
    Richland Bombers
    Wide Receiver
Honorable Mention
  • Kyle Whitby
    Richland Bombers
    Defensive Back
  • Ryan Piper
    Richland Bombers
    Defensive Back
  • Alex Champman
    Richland Bombers
    Wide Receiver

Game 11: Richland 30, Central Valley 3

Richland Bombers 30
Central Valley Bears 3
November 13, 2015

The Central Valley Bears entered the first round playoff matchup against Richland with a very impressive secondary and a lot of confidence after pounding Chiawana in the crossover playoff. What they got in return was a whole lot of Lakota Wills and a quarterback in Paxton Stevens who was more than up to the challenge as the Bombers scored an equally impressive 30-3 win over the Bears at Lampson Stadium in Kennewick.

The game started quickly for the Bomber defense when Wills batted a Tanner Sloan pass at the line on Central Valley's third play. The tipped pass found Brecken Galliher who saw nothing but daylight and returned the pick-six 15 yards for a 7-0 lead with 7:35 remaining in the first quarter.

On the second play of Central Valley's next posession, the Bombers forced a fumble and the Bears were forced to punt. Richland got the ball on their own 15 yard line and marched 9  plays to the CV 15 yard line highlighted by a 30 yard Paxton Stevens to Griffey March hoookup. The Bear defense stiffened up and Ryan Wolski booted his first of three field goals 38 yards to push the lead to 10-0.

Wolski then kicked off using his patented pooch kick and the Bears special teams weren't prepared and the Bombers recovered the ball on the Central Valley 34 yard line. Six plays later, Wolski kicked field goal number from 25 yards upping the lead to 13-0.

The Bears finally got their offense on track and were able to gain some positive yards, thanks in most part to Bomber generosity in the form of three penalties. Central Valley got to the Bomber 30 yard line when Lakota Wills buried Sloan for a ten yard sack forcing a CV punt.

Neither offense could get any traction in the second quarter but after another sack forced another punt, the Bombers had good field position on the CV 42 yard line. Paxton Stevens again connected with Griffey March on a beautiful throw between two Bears giving them first and goal at the five yard line. But penalties once again thwarted their progress and Ryan Wolski finished off the first half with another field goal and the Bombers went into halftime leading 16-0.

The Bears were hoping to start fast in the second half but the Bomber defense was up to the challenge. After starting with good field position on their own 45 yard line, Richland only allowed one first down on the drive. But Central Valley was still able to get on the board thanks to their kicker, Ryan Rhekow, who boomed a 57 yard field goal to get the Bears on the board at 16-3. It was an awesome kick that might have rivaled his brothers' 67 yard field goal from 2013. Unfortunately for CV, it was one of their only highlights of the second half.

The Bombers received the ball on their own 20 yard line after a touchback and was able to get all the way down to the CV 13 yard line highlghted by a 41 yard pass from Stevens to Alex Chapman but Richland turned it over on a questionable fumble on the next play.

Central Valley  went three-and-out and the Bombers got great field position on the Bear 45 yard line. Paxton connected with Ryan Piper for 30 yards to get the ball to the 20 yard line. Three plays later, Stevens hit March for a ten yard touchdown pass and with 2:30 remaining in the third quarter, the Bombers scored their first offensive touchdown to make it a 23-3 lead.

The Bears again met Lakota Wills who sacked Sloan on the first play of their next drive and were forced to punt the ball back to the Bombers. Richland then chewed up the clock with a drive that started at 1:30 remaining in the third and ended at 8:58 of the fourth quarter. Richand quickly got the ball into CV territory thanks to a 41 yard run by Kyle Whitby but more penalties forced the Bombers into a fourth and goal a their own 37 yard line. Paxton Stevens then found Griffey March at the 10 yard line who did a paso doble into the endzone that would have scored big from Carrie Ann Inaba for a touchdown, sealing the win for the Bombers.

My game ball has to go to the defense who totally shut down any hope Central Valley had of making a mark in the ball game and it took a 57 yard field goal to spoil the shutout. Besides the obligatory Bomber penalties, this was as complete a game as you could hope for against a tough GSL opponent.

Moses Lake beat Bellarmine Prep 28-27 on Saturday afternoon so the Bombers will be traveling to Moses Lake to play the Chiefs. At this time the gametime has not been determined.

Tri-City Herald: Richland moves on to quarters

Spokesman-Review: Richland Bombers pound Central Valley in 4A playoffs

Go Bombers!


Friday, November 13, 2015 1 2 3 4 Final
Central Valley Bears 0 0 3 0 3
Richland Bombers 10 6 7 7 30



Scoring Plays R L Time
15R Galliher 21 yard interception return (5R Wolski kick) 7 0 8:05(1)
5R Wolski 38 yard field goal 10 0 1:27(1)
5R Wolski 25 yard field goal 13 0 11:18(2)
5R Wolski 22 yard field goal 16 0 34.6(2)
24CV Rehkow 57 yard field goal 16 3 9:37(3)
3R March 10 yard pass from 17R Stevens (5R Wolski kick) 23 3 2:30(3)
3R March 37 pass from 17R Stevens (5R Wolski kick) 30 3 8:58(4)


Playoff Game moved to Friday at Lampson

Due to poor field conditions at Fran Rish Stadium, the Bomber playoff game with Central Valley has been moved to Friday, November 13, 2015 at 7:00PM at Lampson Stadium in Kennewick.

Tri-City Herald: Richland-CV football moved to Friday

Go Bombers!

Game 10: Richland 42, Lewis & Clark 20

Lewis & Clark Tigers 20
Richland Bombers 42
November 6, 2015

The Lewis and Clark Tigers came to town trying to extend their lifetime winning streak at Fran Rish Stadium to three games over the past 36 years, but this year's version of the Richland Bombers shut them down and sent them home to Spokane with a 42-20 victory.

The game got off to a quick start when Paxton Stevens connected with Rhett Levin on the first play of the game for a 36 yard gain that put the Bombers deep in LC territory at the 22 yard line. Lakota Wills then polished off the remaining yards on three plays, scoring a touchdown from twelve yards out giving Richland a 7-0 lead with 10:38 remaining in the first quarter.

The Bomber defense on the other hand only needed 5 plays before forcing a Tiger punt and giving the ball back to the offense at the Richland 27. The Bombers then embarked on a 17 play drive which was extended after the ninth play when Lewis and Clark committed a pass interference penalty. Paxton Stevens then connected with Griffey March for 16 yards, and Rhett Levin for another 14 to get the ball down to the LC 4 yard line. Paxton then finished the drive off by himself, running the ball in to give Richland a 14-0 lead with 3 minutes remaining in the first quarter.

Lewis and Clark countered with a 14 play drive of their own. The Bomber defense was not letting the Tigers move on the ground  so Jordan Summers did most of the work with his arm, finding Adam Thompson in the endzone from 7 yards away to cut the Bomber lead in half at 14-7.

Richland's next drive was another extended affair lasting 15 plays and chewing up 6 minutes of the second quarter. Paxton Stevens found Rhett Levin in the endzone from 6 yards out and the Bombers extended their lead to 21-7 heading into halftime.

The second half began with neither team seeming to want to keep the ball. LC's first drive was shortened when Griffey March intercepted a Jordan Summers pass and returned it to the Tiger 41 yard line. Hoping to capitalize quickly, Paxton Stevens returned the favor when Cameryn Shon of LC intercepted his pass at the 15 yard line. The Bomber defense was not in a good mood forcing a three and out, giving the offense good field position at the 50 yard line.

Paxton Stevens completed a pass to Alex Chapman for 31 yards to highlight their 8 play drive. Kyle Whitby finished it off from four yards out and the Bombers had a very comfortable lead, 28-7.

The defense again forced the Tigers to punt but this time Lakota Wills tracked down the rugby punt and blocked the kick handing the ball over to the offense at the LC 30. It looked like the Bombers would be forced into their own three-and-out but on 4th down Paxton Stevens through a beautiful pass that found the outstretched arms of Alex Chapman to push their lead to 28 points at 35-7.

Lewis and Clark countered and seemed to be finding their rhythm against the formidable Bomber defense. Jordan Summers passed 28 yards to Camryn Schon to put the Tigers on the Bomber 35. Then after a series of runs, Summers passed to Adam Thompson who scored his second touchdown of the game and cut the lead to 35-14.

Then things got weird. The officiating crew was already experiencing a little of their own version of "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" but it seemed to go off the rails when the Tigers tried to perform an onside kick. On the first attempt, Leo Haghighi recovered the kick but he actually touched it at the 9 3/4 yard mark. On the second attempt, Griffey March recovered the kick well inside the 10 yard DMZ but was then flagged for an offside penalty. Finally, the last onside kick attempt fell innocently into Bomber hands. Of course, two plays later Paxton Stevens was intercepted by Ryan Meyer and coupled with a Richland unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, the Tigers got the ball at the Richland 7 yard line.

One play later Summers found Leo Haghighi for a 7 yard touchdown. The Bombers did block the kick but the Tigers were making it interesting at 35-20. Things got even more interesting for the Tigers when James Aragon recovered a fumble three plays later giving them the ball at the Bomber 37 yard line.

The Bomber defense decided enough was enough as Alex Chapman intercepted a Summers pass ending LC's chances of cutting the lead any further. The Bomber offense then went no-nonsense on their own, embarking on an 63 yard, 10 play drive. All of which came on the ground. Lakota Wills did the most damage with a 28 yard run that put the Bombers deep into Tiger territory. Kyle Whitby scored the final Bomber touchdown on a 3-yard run and Richland jumped ahead 42-20.

Ryan Piper put the icing on the cake when he intercepted another Summers pass in the endzone and ending the Tigers' dream of making a comeback.

This was a very solid test for the Bombers and will serve them well as they move into the State Playoffs. Lewis and Clark scored more points than any other team Richland has played so far. The Tigers also put up enough fight to let the Bombers know that they need to keep their emotions in check as they go deeper in the playoffs.

Next week, the first round of the playoffs come back to Fran Rish Stadium as the Central Valley Bears from the Greater Spokane League come to town fresh off a 24-13 victory over the Chiawana Riverhawks. The game is next Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm so clear off your schedule and get ready for some great Bomber football in the daytime.

Spokesman-Review: Richland knocks out Lewis and Clark in 4A play-in game

Tri-City Herald: Richland runs past LC 42-20

Go Bombers!


Friday, November 6, 2015 1 2 3 4 Final
Lewis and Clark Tigers 0 7 0 13 20
Richland Bombers 14 7 14 7 42


Scoring Plays R L Time
45R Wills 12 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 7 0 10:38(1)
17R Stevens 4 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 14 0 3:10(1)
3LC Thompson 7 yard pass from 2LC Summers (14LC Davis kick) 14 7 10:04(2)
31R Levin 6 yard pass from 17R Stevens (5R Wolski kick) 21 7 3:52(2)
2R Kyle Whitby 4 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 28 7 4:52(3)
8R Chapman 27 yard pass from 17R Stevens (5R Wolski kick) 35 7 2:25(3)
3LC Thompson 16 yard pass from 2LC Summers (14LC Davis kick) 35 14 10:38(4)
10LC Haghighi 7 yard pass from 2LC Summers (kick blocked) 35 20 9:39(4)
2R Kyle Whitby 3 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 42 20 4:09(4)

Playoff Preview: Lewis & Clark Tigers

The Richland Bombers are 8-1 and headed into the playoffs with an 8 game winning streak but have drawn an opponent with a history.

The Lewis & Clark Tigers are coming to Fran Rish Stadium on Friday night, November 6 at 7:00pm riding a two-game winning streak against the Bombers. The Tigers (5-4 overall, 2-3 league) defeated the Mead Panthers 21-14 to gain the right to play in Richland.

The last time Lewis & Clark came to town in 2011 they handled the Bombers 35-28 in a GSL crossover series game. Richland held a 21-14 halftime lead but LC roared back in the second half to take the game (view article).

In 2007 the Bombers were Big-9 Co-Champions when the Tigers came to town and handed them a 28-0 pasting thanks to Alex Shaw. The 6 foot 2 running back scored three touchdowns and ran for 118 yards and the Bombers couldn't get anything started against a very tough LC defense. Ironically, it was the Tigers first playoff win since 1978, also against the Bombers at home. LC went on to win their first and only state championship in 2007 (view article).

This year's edition of the LC Tigers may not have the same firepower as the previous versions but they do have history on their side. Of course, the Bombers have their best defensive unit in years, having outscored their opponents to 291-83 in nine games. Just don't underestimate a sleeping tiger.

Hope to see you there at Fran Rish Stadium at 7:00PM on Friday, November 6.

Go Bombers!

Game 9: Richland 28, Southridge 2

Richland Bombers 28
Southridge Suns 2
October 29, 2015

Thursday night at Lampson stadium had the makings of one of those B-movie upsets. The Bombers, with no conference losses, ranked in the top ten, and headed to the playoffs, versus the Southridge Suns, hovering near the bottom of the standings, with nothing to lose. One of the beautiful things about high school football is the potential for miraculous outcomes in any given game. Sadly for the Suns, this was not one of those games.

Receiving the kickoff, Griffey March ran straight up the middle for a 60 yard return, and nearly broke away for a touchdown before being caught by the kicker. Some good catches by Rhett Levin, Lakota Wills running left, and after a few plays it was Wills in the end zone to make it 7-0. Southridge was determined to put up a fight. Although they have struggled with their passing game all season, they started out with a big pass, but were shut down by the dominant Richland defense and forced to punt. Another good return by March gave the Bombers good field position, which they used to put Wills in for another touchdown. Credit should be given to the offensive line. Normally a thankless, less than glorious task, Hunter Grade, John Hardy, Dontae Powell, freshman Aric Davison, and tight end Brecken Galliher have been clearing space for their running backs all season.

Speaking of lines, the defensive line kept the pressure on Southridge, forcing a fumble to give Richland great field position yet again. Using short passes and scrambling runs to get down to the four yard line, McKlane Elgin finally found his way in, bouncing outside and to the left pylon to make it 21-0, with minutes still left in the first quarter.

Kicking off into the wind made for some interesting football. Ryan Wolski's third kickoff went high and to the right sideline, where it bounced out of Southridge hands, into the air, and was caught by Richland's Riley Mahoney in the middle of a mad scrum of players. Starting at the Southridge 40, catches by Levin and March and tough runs by Kyle Whitby got them down to the goal line, where they ended the quarter. The second quarter started where the first left off, with Whitby charging in unopposed for a 28 point lead.

The Suns, rightly fearing Wills and Hardy at end, and not wanting to risk throwing near top defensive backs March and Alex Chapman (who had an interception to end the first half), decided their best chance was to run it up the middle. Lineman Brigham Whitby, in his second game back after being injured in the opener, confirmed the futility of that undertaking by constantly occupying two blockers, leaving fellow interior linemen Jackson Conrad, Gage Allen, Powell, or Grade to plug the gaps. Linebackers Galliher and Tait Gillespie were there to finish off what the line started. The Suns manged a few first downs, but were held to less than 200 yards for the game and never really threatened to score.

From this point and throughout the second half, the Suns showed their frustration by playing extremely aggressively, resulting in a few personal foul penalties, and eventually necessitating separate end zone meetings between the third and fourth quarters, where each team was lectured by their respective head coaches. The Bomber JV took over in the fourth quarter and handled the Southridge offense respectably, allowing some yards up the middle but no points. The Suns' two points came when a low snap slipped by sophomore quarterback Cade Jensen and into the end zone. With Suns converging from both sides, running back Ben Stanfield jumped on the ball to prevent a touchdown, making the score 28-2, where it would stay until the final horn. The Bombers collected six turnovers, and despite only having one shut-out, this is the fourth game without an offensive touchdown against the Bomber defense.

Although there were some hiccups, Richland proved to be the best team in the MCC this year, winning the conference title outright and setting themselves up for a playoff run. With the offense continuing to solidify, and the defense always impressive, next week's game against either Mead or Lewis & Clark will hopefully be the first of plenty of playoff games.

Tri-City Herald: Bombers perfect in MCC at 7-0

Game 8: Richland 27, Kamiakin 14

Kamiakin Braves 14
Richland Bombers 27
October 23, 2015

The Richland Bombers and Kamiakin Braves played for the Mid-Columbia Conference championship but in a game that looked more like an MMA title fight, the Bomber prevailed with a 27-14 victory over the Braves in a sloppy game at Fran Rish Stadium in Richland.

The game was billed as the Bomber defense against the high-flying Brave offense. From that standpoint, Richland answered the question emphatically keeping the Braves off the scoreboard until late in the third quarter and holding them to 236 yards total for the game. Five of Kamiakin's drives ended in either a fumble or interception as the Bomber harassed the Brave offense all evening.

The Bomber offense started fast when Paxton Stevens connected with Rhett Levin for 38 yards on the first play of the game. The second play didn't go as well when the ball got away from Lakota Wills and Kamiakin recovered on the Bomber 32.

Kamiakin mounted a solid drive with Jetrho Questad carrying the majority of the load. The Bomber defense stiffened up and stopped the threat on the 15 yard line.

Richland took over and started marching down the field. Lakota Wills made up for his previous miscue with a rumbling 65 yard run to highlight the drive.. McClain Elgin got the Bombers on the board with an 8 yard run and a 7-0 lead.

After trading punts, Kamiakin received the ball after a solid punt return and the first of many penalties gave them excellent field position on the Bomber 13 yard line. Michael Mann scooped up a fumble on the Braves first play and ran the ball back to the Kamiakin 36 yard line. The Bomber offense fizzled for the most part and Ryan Wolski kicked a beautiful 38 yard field goal at the start of the second quarter and gave the Bombers a 10-0 lead.

Things then got a little silly. Kamiakin fumbled on the second play of the next drive. Then Kamiakin intercepted a Bomber pass on the next play, then Richland intercepted again on the second play of the ensuing drive. After the dust settled the Bombers had great field position on the Braves 19 yard line.

Ryan Wolski finished the scoring in the first half when he connected on a 35 yard field goal to give the Bombers a 13-0 lead at halftime.

Kamiakin received the ball to start the second half and looked determined to get into the game. After mounting a seven play drive, though, Brecken Galliher interecepted Zach Borsich's pass on the Kamiakin 2 yard line ending the threat.

Richland then embarked on a methodical, pounding 13 play drive that consumed 98 yards and a good chunk of time in the third quarter. Kyle Whitby scored the touchdown on a 2 yard run and the Bombers held a commanding 20-0 lead.

Commanding lead, yes, but comfortable, no. The Braves got the ball on the next drive and on the third play of the series, Gavin Crow scampered 55 yards for Kamiakin's first score and narrowing the Bombers lead to 20-7.

The Bombers then let the wheels fall off a little bit when they fumbled on the first play of the next drive giving Kamiakin the ball on the 12 yard line. The Richland defense was able to let the air out of the Brave threat when Alex Champman intercepted another Crow pass in the endzone.

Richland kept the ball on the ground until they were well into Kamiakin territory. Paxton Stevens then let one loose and found Alex Chapman crossing the middle for a 30 yard touchdown giving the Bombers a 27-7 lead.

The Braves mounted a long 11 play drive that ended when Borsich connected with Darreon Moore for a 14 yard touchdown finalizing the score at 27-14 Richland. The onside attempt by the Braves was recovered by Lakota Wills ending any hope of a Kamiakin comeback.

While the final score was very satisfying, this game was hardly fun to watch. It seemed at one point that the referees were forced to find new kinds of penalties to call as both teams were quite chippy with each other, especially in the second half. Many commented that they had never seen this many personal foul penalties in one game before. Both teams were just luckly that nobody was disqualified.

Sloppiness aside, though, the Bombers have now won seven games in a row and will finish up their regular season next Thursday night at 7:00pm at Neil F. Lampson Stadium in Kennewick against the Southridge Suns. We hope to see you there!

Tri-City Herald: Bombers topple Braves

Go Bombers!


Friday, October 23, 2015 1 2 3 4 Final
Kamiakin Braves 0 0 7 7 14
Richland Bombers 7 6 7 7 27


Scoring Plays R P Time
28R Elgin 7 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 7 0 5:40(1)
5R Wolski 38 yard field goal 10 0 11:30(2)
5R Wolski 35 yard field goal 13 0 8:00(2)
2R Whitby 2 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 20 0 2:11(3)
1K Crow 55 yard run (41K Paxton kick) 20 7 1:35(3)
8R Chapman 30 yard pass from 17R (5R Wolski kick) 27 7 6:19(4)
18K Moore 14 yard pass from 15K (41K Wolski kick) 27 14 3:52(4)

Game 7: Richland 35, Pasco 7

Pasco Bulldogs 7
Richland Bombers 35
October 16, 2015

The Richland Bombers are now 3-0 in 2015 in homecoming games after dismantling the Pasco Bulldogs 35-7 on another warm evening at Fran Rish Stadium.

The Bombers started off quickly with a 7-play 65 yard drive that shaved barely two minutes off the clock. Paxton Stevens connected with Alex Chapman for a big 28 yard gain and Kyle Whitby finished it off in style with a 5-yard touchdown run to take the lead 7-0.

The Bulldogs answered quickly. Very quickly. Tayden Jenkins took the Ryan Wolski kickoff at the 15 yard line and followed a perfect wall of blockers 85 yards to the endzone and a 7-7 tie.

The Bombers took the ball at their own 43 but the Bulldog defense kept the Bombers at bay and forced a Ryan Wolski punt. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, Wolski decided to throw the ball instead and connected with Victor Strasser for 29 yards and a fresh set of downs. Six plays later Kyle Whitby scored his second touchdown on a 2 yard run and the Bombers took the lead for good at 14-7.

After a quick 3-and-out from the Bulldogs, the Bombers took over the ball at their own 48 yard line. McClain Elgin ticked off runs of 10 and 20 yards and Whitby added a 10 yarder of his own before Paxton Stevens connected with Griffey March on a 12 yard touchdown pass and a 21-7 lead.

The Bomber defense kept Pasco from doing much of anything stopping drives with an interception by Taiton Gillespie and a fumble recovery by Brecken Galliher, the last of which gave Richland the ball at their own 14 yard line.

Relying on Paxton Stevens arm for the most part, the Bombers methodically drove the remaining 86 yards on a 12-play drive that took up most of the second quarter and ended when Gillespie marched in from 3 yards away to give the Bombers a halftime lead, 28-7.

The second half was fairly uneventful with the Bombers effectively stopping an Pasco hopes of a comeback. Richland finished its scoring with 3:52 remaining in the 3rd quarter when McClain Elgin ran the ball in from 9 yards out to make the final score Richland 35, Pasco 7.

Elgin took the top rushing honors with 116 yard rushing while Kyle Whitby added another 66 for a total of 212 yards. Paxton Stevens was 23 of 33 for 233 yards with Griffey March catching 8 balls for 57.

Next week is the big test of the season as the 6-1 Kamiakin Braves come to Fran Rish Stadium to take on the 6-1 Richland Bombers. Both teams have not lost since week one with both teams losing to highly ranked teams. Both have excellent defenses so the big question is which team has the most firepower to overcome the other?

We'll find out next Friday night at 7:00PM so I hope you will be there!

Friday, October 16, 2015 1 2 3 4 Final
Pasco Bulldogs 7 0 0 0 7
Richland Bombers 21 7 7 0 35


Scoring Plays R P Time
2R Whitby 5 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 7 0 (1)
11P Jenkins 85 yard kickoff return (71P Moreno kick) 7 7 10:15(1)
2R Whitby 2 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 14 7 (1)
3R 12 yard pass from 17R Stevens (5R Wolski kick) 21 7 1:56(1)
42R Gillespie 3 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 28 7 1:27(2)
28R Elgin 9 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 35 7 3:52(2)

 Tri-City Herald: Bombers take care of business

Go Bombers!

Game 6: Richland 35, Kennewick 7

Richland Bombers 35
Kennewick Lions 7
October 9, 2015

Richland and Kennewick have a long history of football animosity. Ask a fan (or a player) of any age from either school and you'll hear stories of miraculous plays, sketchy ball spots, questionable on-field antics, and possibly even bench-clearing brawls. It's our own local version of Chicago-Green Bay, and there is never any love lost during a guaranteed tough game.

This game was no different, but at the risk of sounding like a skipping CD, the Bomber defense was determined to prove its dominance. Kennewick came into the game with the conference's fifth leading rusher and fifth leading receiver, and seemed to be an offensively capable team. Spoiler alert: Kennewick had no offensive scores in the game and only one first down in the first half, and that came when most of the starters were on the sideline. The Lions had nowhere to go for the duration of the game, and despite a handful of first downs in the second half, no real scoring opportunities. It was defensive dominance by the Bombers throughout.

Richland's offense shined in this game as well. It took only three plays after kickoff for Lakota Wills to fake right, cut left, and run untouched 42 yards for a touchdown. With only a minute and a half gone from the clock, Kennewick was in for a long night. After tough runs by Kyle Whitby and Wills to get to the Kennewick 40, quarterback Paxton Stevens saw Alex Chapman running an unopposed straight line down the middle. Catching the ball at the five, Chapman scored for the eighth time this year. After a few back and forth punts, the Bombers found themselves at fourth down and 15 yards to go from their own 45. Punter Ryan Wolski didn't punt. Instead, he ran down the right side to the Lion's 35. After several runs by Whitby, Wills, and even a keeper by Stevens, Wills finally forced his way in for another six. Kennewick, absolutely throttled on all sides, hadn't seen the last of Wills yet. On a punt from their own 25, Wills, surprisingly unblocked, hit the ball as it was leaving the punter's foot. Senior Brad Anderson scooped it up and ran 15 yards to make it 28-0. A few meaningless plays later, including Kennewick's only first down of the half, and halftime gave the Lions a break from the onslaught.

The Kennewick offense saw a swarm of green helmets everywhere they went in the first half, and they should not have hoped for anything better in the second. With a good number of the defensive starters on the sideline, including Wills—who didn't play at all after halftime—the Lions were able to collect a handful of first downs but were unable to turn those into points. They did get down to the Richland five (with the help of some penalties resulting from a grudge match taking place in the trenches), but turned it over on downs. Their lone bright spot came when Richland tried to pass themselves away from the end zone. Stevens fired a low pass to Rhett Levin, who popped it up in the air trying to save the play. An orange jersey was there to pick it for an easy touchdown.

The final touchdown came after a 31 yard Wolski reception to the seven, and Stevens scrambled in from there. His poise allowed for a good offensive game, with good catches from Griffey March and Levin, along with Chapman and Wolski. Grinding out the fourth quarter, the second string offense provided some good runs by sophomore running back Victor Strasser, while the defense continued to force Kennewick punts.

It was a showing that should provide very little confidence for the next opponent, the Pasco Bulldogs, who pulled off a last second win over Kennewick last week.

Tri-City Herald: Bombers roll to victory

Go Bombers!

Game 5: Richland 31, Walla Walla 19

Walla Walla Blue Devils 19
Richland Bombers 31
October 2, 2015

By this time, a team that has done any scouting at all should know the Richland D line is as tough as they come. The problem is, any attempt to overcome that obstacle leaves you exposed to the rest of the defense. You'll have four long quarters to try putting points on the scoreboard. The Walla Walla Blue Devils had their chance tonight.

The Blue Devils were pumped on the opening kickoff when a missed block had Griffey March on the receiving end of a big hit. It looked like they came ready to take on a Bomber team that's been on a roll. They didn't come ready enough, because seven plays and 80 yards later, Kyle Whitby stiff-armed his way into the end zone only three minutes into the game.

Using a short kickoff and a quick pass that went for big yards, Walla Walla unwisely tried to run it in from the one, but found Whitby and Taiton Gillespie instead, forcing a turnover on downs. Unfortunately, the Bombers were unable to improve on their field position, and a short punt from the end zone gave Walla Walla the ball at the twenty, a stroke of good luck they took advantage of, throwing to the tight end across the middle, who then dived in for six points. Alex Chapman blocked the extra point to make it 7-6 with 1:25 left in the first quarter.

Starting from the 35, McKlane Elgin ran twice before Paxton Stevens found Chapman running wide open across the middle, leaving only one defender to dodge and one to burn. His 59 yard touchdown made it 14-6 with 5 seconds to go.

After grinding it out on the ground and trading punts through the second quarter, Richland finally went back to the passing game to get to the twelve yard line, where Lakota Wills ran over a courageous but ineffective defender for his sixth rushing touchdown of the season. 21-6 Bombers, 3:00 minutes to go in the half.

The Bomber defense got another chance to show off after a bad snap forced punter Ryan Wolski to take a big loss deep in Richland territory. Learning from the past, the Blue Devils tried to use their passing game to get back in it, but Ryan Piper came up with an interception to get the ball back. The rest of the third quarter showed both teams trying to get their running games in gear, but despite Whitby and Wills taking turns kicking up dirt and having some success, it was mostly back and forth punts. Richland finally got down to the one, but penalties called back a Whitby run to the end zone and pushed the team back far enough that an easy Wolski field goal seemed like the best way to start the fourth quarter. At 24-6 coming into the home stretch, things looked good for the Bombers.

More tough defense and an electrifying punt return by Griffey March gave the Bombers good field position. Following a tightrope sideline catch by Chapman at the nine, Wills bashed his way in for the final Richland score to go up 31-6 with 7:00 minutes left.

After some good Richland passes and runs, The Devils took advantage of the second string with an interception taken all the way back for six, but failed on the point after. Still down 31-12 with 2:00 minutes to go, they collected their own onside kick to give them what they thought would be a chance at a comeback. Stranger things have happened I guess. Riding penalties down to the Richland four, The Devils found an opening in the inexperienced secondary to make it 31-19 with 3 seconds left. I'm no mathematician, but you can't score twelve points in three seconds.

Despite avoiding the deadly defensive end duo of Wills and John Hardy for most of the game, Walla Walla couldn't overcome the all-around Bomber defense to give themselves a chance at chasing the dynamic Bomber offense. Richland brings their momentum and their 4-1 record to Lampson Stadium next week to take on the 2-3 Kennewick Lions.

Tri-City Herald: Richland sweeps aside Wa-Hi

Friday, October 2, 2015 1 2 3 4 Final
Walla Walla Blue Devils 6 0 0 13 19
Richland Bombers 14 7 0 10 31


Scoring Plays R WW Time
2R Whitby 13 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 7 0 8:59(1)
33W Davis 13 yard pass from 9W Lesmeister (PAT fail) 7 6 1:25(1)
8R Chapman 59 yard pass from 17 Stevens (5R Wolski kick) 14 6 0:06(1)
45R Wills 8 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 21 6 3:11(2)
5R Wolski 27 yard field goal 24 6 9:15(4)
45R Wills 9 yard run (5R Wolski kick) 31 6 7:06(4)
21W Porter 60 yard interception return (PAT fail) 31 12 2:11(4)
80W Wicklund 4 yard pass from 9W Lesmeister (30W Jensen kick) 31 19 0:03(4)


Go Bombers!

Game 4: Richland 45, Hanford 7

Richland Bombers 45
Hanford Falcons 7
September 25, 2015

I have been watching Bomber football since I was in junior high so I have learned a few things. Foremost in my knowledge is this: don't schedule Richland for your homecoming game.

A raucous crowd of Richlanders invaded both sides of the stadium in the now annual contest between the Hanford Falcons and the Richland Bombers. Both teams trying to answer the same question: How good are they?

The Bombers entered the contest within one blemish inflicted by the number four team in the state (Gonzaga Prep). Hanford came in undefeated with a high powered offense and a quality win against the defending Oregon 5A champion Hermiston Bulldogs. As with all hypotheticals, speculation only gets you so far, you have to see concrete facts in order to determine the true answer.

Richland answered all of the questions, baraging the Hanford Falcons 45-7 and spoiling an otherwise beautiful evening of fun, pagentry, and fireworks. The Bombers scored in every conceivable aspect of the game, offense, defense, and special teams.

Hanford's opening drive ended on the third play of the game with a fumble and foreshadowed a long evening for the Falcon faithful.

The Bombers got on the board early in the first quarter when Griffey March returned a Garret Werner punt 48 yards for the first touchdown and a 7-0 lead. On the next drive, the Hanford special teams once again had problems when the snap sailed over Werner's head and was recovered by Lakota Wills. That drive ended with Ryan Wolski nailing a 35 yard field goal and the Bombers were up 10-0.

Richland got the ball back on their own 19 yard line on their next drive and with Lakota Wills leading the way, the Bombers quickly marched the remaining 81 yards in a 7-play drive capped by Lakota's 37 yard run, futher distancing them from their hometown bretheren, 17-0.

After stopping the Falcons next drive, the Bombers once again had the ball at their own 18 yard line and methodically marched down the field to another score. Lakota Wills once again, scored on a 19 yard run to make it 24-0.

Hanford special teams failed one more time with another errant punt snap, giving the Bombers a first down on the Falcon 9 yard line. Kyle Whitby got the call and in two plays rumbled in from 4 yards out to give Richland a halftime lead of 31-0.

Even the stadium electronics were giving the Falcons fits. First the scoreboard stopped keeping track of time, and eventually the PA system went on the fritz for the entire homecoming halftime show and third quarter. There may have been more than one eye pointed toward Foxboro, Massachussetts trying to blame Bill Bellichick.

The Falcons weren't giving up by any means, forcing the Bombers to punt on their first posession of the second half. Ryan Wolski boomed a perfect punt that pinned Hanford down to their own 3 yard line. The offense for the Falcons started to click with Desmond Samples connecting on two long passes, 40 yards to Kedrick Skinner and 22 more to Kevon Skinner. Coupled with holding and pass interference penalty and the Falcons had a first down on the Bomber 11 yard line. But the Bomber defense stiffened and took over on downs at the 16 yard line.

Richland then embarked on a long 13 play 86 yard drive highlighted by a 48 yard pass from Paxton Stevens to Griffey March, and topped off with another Stevens to March strike for an 18 yard touchdown pass and a 38-0 Bomber lead.

Hanford finally avoided the shutout late in the fourth quarter when backup quarterback Joshua Fonner connected with Gavin Slack for a long 52 yard touchdown pass to make it 38-7.

The Falcons quickly got the ball back when Kevon Skinner intercepted a Cade Jensen pass and returned it 20 yards to the Bomber 3 yard line.

Elation quickly turned to deflation. Fonner's next pass was intercepted by Ryan Piper at the 1 yard line and, accompanied by a squadron of Bombers, Piper rambled 99 yards for the touchdown and a final score of Richland 45, Hanford 7.

All told, this was a beautiful night of football in Richland and not because the Bombers won big. It was very heartwarming to see a very large crowd enjoying our two local high school football teams and our brand new visitors facility at Fran Rish on a perfect night in September.

Next up for the Bombers are the ever-dangerous Walla Walla Blue Devils who will be haunting Fran Rish Stadium next Friday night at 7:05pm. I hope to see you there!

Tri-City Herald: Bombers rout Falcons (9/26/2015)

Go Bombers!


Tri-City Herald Profile: Lakota Wills

Ahead of tonight's epic matchup between the 2-1 Richland Bombers and the 3-0 Hanford Falcons, Jack Millikin from the Tri-City Herald writes an excellent article on Lakota Wills. Lakota is headed to the Air Force Academy next year and is someone the Bomber faithful can be very proud.

Tri-Ciy Herald: Bombers' strength of Wills

You might want to get to Fran Rish Stadium early tonight. Remember, this is a Hanford home game so the Bomber fans will be breaking in the new bleachers on the visitors side. I have been sitting their the last two home games and the seats are quite nice. Along with the new bathrooms and an actual bona fide concession stand, Fran Rish Stadium has to stack up against any other facility in the state.

Now if we can just convince someone to install a safe Field Turf...

Go Bombers!

From the Crowd: Richland/Chiawana Game Review

Chiawana Riverhawks 7
Richland Bombers 28
September 18, 2015

Last week I put out a feeler for some help in writing game stories and you responded. The story below comes from the crowd, so please welcome them to the cast!


Expectations were high for this game, with Richland coming off a drubbing of Shadle Park in Spokane after a close loss to a high-ranked Gonzaga Prep team, and Chiawana suffering a loss to offensive juggernaut Camas and a win over Wenatchee last week. The Bomber-Riverhawk rivalry, although relatively new, promised a good game.

After Ryan Wolski's big boot into the end zone prevented any opening fireworks, the two teams went to work. Defense dominated the first quarter, with both defenses shutting down the opposition. Chiawana proved they had prepared for the Bombers by avoiding the left side of the D line, which is where weary running backs and quarterbacks have met senior defensive end Lakota Wills so far this season, but the right side proved to be just as tough, with another senior end, John Hardy, rising to the challenge by continually taking on double teams and proving that he is not to be taken lightly either. Linebacker Brecken Galliher also added to the Riverhawks' woes by being everywhere Hardy was not. Linebacker Taiton Gillespie provided some first quarter excitement with a diving interception to prevent a first down. Chiawana's defense did its best to stifle any Bomber momentum by focusing on Richland's main offensive weapons, senior Griffey March and junior Alex Chapman, forcing the offense to look to its running game and the other receivers.

The Riverhawk running game continued into the second quarter, with Andrew Vargas working hard for yards, only to be repeatedly stuffed by the Richland defense in the red zone. Their passing game couldn't get going, even with a speed, height, and experience advantage over some of the young Richland defensive backs. On offense, Richland overcame some running game struggles and took advantage of the focus on March and Chapman by finding senior Rhett Levin open on short passes down the middle, finally getting down to the 9 yard line. On what looked like a broken passing play, junior QB Paxton Stevens called on his poise and agility and scrambled right, dodging half of the defense before diving into the end zone for a touchdown. Wolski's steady kicking made it 7-0.

On the first play following the kickoff, Wills forced Vargas to fumble, and Hardy was there to recover. One pass, two penalties, and one run later, Wills charged up the middle to make it 14-0. The relentless Bomber defense kept Chiawana at bay for the rest of the half.

The second half was more of the same, with the 205 pound Vargas carrying the load for his team. Richland made it 21-0 when Chapman burned Hayden Carrasco down the visitor's sideline, catching Stevens' long, dead on pass for a 47 yard score. Vargas proved his toughness on the next series, eventually breaking through and sliding into the end zone on a 25 yard run to make it 21-7. The defensive back-and-forth continued into the fourth quarter, with Richland's running game finding little success, despite senior running back McKlane Elgin having his best quarter of the year so far, and Chiawana intercepting Stevens three times, one on an athletic effort by Riverhawk senior Corey Bell. Credit where credit is due, it was a beautiful pick, even if it was to the Bombers' detriment. Richland's special teams made sure Chiawana didn't have a chance to spark a come back with punt returns, either forcing a fair catch or stopping any return for short yardage. Wills scored again on a long angle for short yards run to the end zone to make it 28-7. The Riverhawk defense never let up, eventually forcing Richland to punt from their own end zone after three unsuccessful attempts to run it up the middle, but the Bombers played tough until the last second, with junior Ben Stanfield leaving his Riverhawk blocker in the dust to crush the return man just as he bobbled the ball, giving the rest of the dogged punt team a chance to chase the ball a few yards, hoping for a last chance to put an exclamation point on the game before the ball made its way out of bounds to end the contest.

The Bomber defense was impressive again, despite allowing Vargas to gain 232 yards (granted, Vargas is the top runner in the league), and looked to be even more cohesive than in previous games, and the offense showed that despite some struggles, their experience, poise, and persistence will give them opportunities to score. Chiawana is a great program and always fields competitive teams, and Richland's victory shows they're ready to make a run for it this season.

Go Bombers!


Game 3: Richland 28, Chiawana 7

Chiawana Riverhawks 7
Richland Bombers 28
September 18, 2015

The Chiawana Riverhawks came to Fran Rish Stadium looking to continue their winning ways but the Richland Bombers and Lakota Wills had other ideas an won 28-7.

There was a great article from Jack Millikin in the Tri-City Herald giving all of the details.

If this was a HUGE MCC battle, then next week will be "HUGER."

Next Friday night the Richland Bombers invade Fran Rish Stadium as the visitors against the 3-0 Hanford Falcons in what should be billed as the BIGGEST game in the history of this crosstown rivalry.

I will be getting their early because Fran should be rockin' next Friday night, which also doubles as Hanford's homecoming game.

Get ready to rummmmbbbblllleeeee!

Go Bombers!

Tri-City Herald: Bombers Prevail! needs a little help...

Over the last few years, family priorities have made it difficult to attend all of the Bomber Football games in person and I was wondering if you would like to help.

If you like to write or if you take pictures at the games I would like to give you the opportunity to contribute to The last two seasons I have not been able to devote as much time as I would like to keeping this site up to date for all of the fan who reads my feable sports reporting, and I would love to have a partner or two help me keep the momentum going.

So, if you are interested, please send me an email at or use the Contact Us link. I would really like the help and it would be fun to "see" Bomber games from another perspective.

Thank you to everyone who reads I really appreciate it.


Preview: Chiawana at Richland

Tough choices are part of life. Richland's defense versus Chiawana's offense? Work at Sausage Fest or risk weeks of family strife by skipping out of my responsibilities to attend the game?

Well, choice number two is easy for me so I really need you to attend tonights Bomber/Riverhawk football game at 7:00pm at Fran Rish Stadium in Richland! This should be the game of the year...until next week!

So, here is your plan. Come to Sausage Fest at 5:00 and enjoy some entertainment and fine food, then mosey over to the stadium for some great high school football.

The Tri-City Herald has a nice preview article.

Go Bombers!

Tri-City Herald: Richland 'D' will go up against Chiawana

GAME2: Richland 52, Shadle Park 0

Richland Bombers 52
Shadle Park Highlanders 0
September 11, 2015

Somewhere between Fran Rish Stadium and Joe Albi Stadium the Richland Bombers found their offense. My best guess is Carl's Jr. in Ritzville but that is a mystery for another day.

The Bombers came home with a 52-0 victory over the Shadle Park Highlanders in non-league action in Spokane.

I have attached the articles from the Tri-City Herald and the Spokesman-Review for your viewing pleasure.

Next week, Sausage Fest! Oh as the Bombers go, they play host to the Chiawana Riverhawks in a HUGE MCC battle at Fran Rish  Stadium.

Go Bombers

Bombers rout Shadle Park - Tri-City Herald

Bombers dominate Shadle Park 52-0 - Spokesman-Review

GAME1: Gonzaga Prep 13, Richland 10

Gonzaga Prep Bullpups 13
Richland Bombers 10
September 4, 2015

The Bombers hosted the Gonzaga Prep Bullpups from the Greater Spokane League in the opening game of the 2015 prep football season. In a battle of defenses, Gonzaga Prep was able to pound out a 13-10 win at the newly renovated Fran Rish Stadium.

The battle started with both teams having trouble getting untracked. The Bomber offense was able to win the first quarter outgaining the Bullpups three first downs to none but the closest they could get was the Prep 26 yard line. Ryan Wolski put the Bombers up 3-0 on a 43 yard field goal that had more than enough distance.

Into the second quarter the Bullpups best field position was the 20 but early in the second quarter the Bombers' Paxton Stevens threw an interception to Gonzaga's Michael Pablo giving them first down on the 14 of Richland. The Bomber defense stayed strong and the Bullpup's Jared Kutch tied the game with a 31 yard field goal.

After exchanging the ball on the ensuing drives, the Bombers caught a break when Liam Bell fumbled and gave them the ball at the Prep seven yard line. The Gonzaga Prep defense slammed the door on Richland and blocked Wolski's 20 yard field goal attempt, running the ball back to the 28 yard line.

The Bullpup offense started to click and moved the ball all the way to the Richland five yard line before they had to settle for another Jared Kutch field goal and a 6-3 lead going into halftime.

After the band left the field, the two teams exchanged punts. Then lightning struck for the Bombers when Alex Chapman stepped in front of a Liam Bell pass and raced 61 yards untouched to give Richland a 10-6 lead.

The story of the second half, though was Richland's inability to move the ball and the Bullpups' decision to leave the ball on the ground. The combination of Mason Plese and Liam Bell churned up a lot of ground but add in the hulking 6 foot 4 inch, 245 pound Evan Weaver at running back and Gonzaga Prep was almost unstoppable.

Even another Alex Chapman interception wasn't enough to get things on track for the Bombers. At the end of the third quarter Gonzaga Prep embarked on a 13 play 75 yard drive, ending on a 1 yard run by Liam Bell and a 13-10 Bulldog lead.

In the fourth quarter, both defenses kept the offenses at bay and the game ended in fitting fashion when the Bulldogs blocked Ryan Wolski's 53 yard game-tying field goal attempt with just over a minute remaining.

Next week, it is the Bombers turn to make the 2 hour drive to Spokane when they face the Shadle Park Highlanders at Joe Albi Stadium at 5:00 on Friday, September 11th.

Go Bombers!

Tri-City Herald: Bombers struggle on offense

Spokeman-Review Box Score


Welcome to the 2015 Season

Get ready for some football because the season starts this Friday night agains the Gonzaga Prep Bullpups at 7:00pm in the "new and improved" Fran Rish Stadium.

The construction crews are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the rebuilt visitor's side of the stadium including new bleachers, press box, consessions, and bathrooms. The Bomber faithful will be able to put the new addition through the paces in week 4 on September 25 when Richland is again the visiting team against the Hanford Falcons.

To get you started, select the link to view this year's season preview in the Tri-City Herald on the Bombers chances in the Mid-Columbia Conference.

Tri-City Herald: Bombers eye return to MCC heavyweight (09/01/2015)

Welcome, indeed, to a new season of Bomber Football!

Go Bombers!

2015 Fall Practice Schedule

The 2015 Fall Practice Schedule has been released by Coach Mike Neidhold.

Download the Fall Practice Schedule

Most important: Sunday, August 13 is the Sports Clearance night in the Richland High School cafeteria at 6:00PM.

First practice is on Wednesday, August 19th.

First game is on Friday, September 4th against the Gonzaga Prep Bullpups.

Go Bombers!

Order Spirit Pack Items Today

Ordering for your 2015 Richland Bomber Spirit Pack is now open.

Here is how you order:

The deadline for orders is May 3, 2015 at 11:59pm so get going!

If you are outside the Bomber Football program but would still like to order you will be able to pick up your order from Coach Josh Jelinek at Richland High School on or after June 1, 2015.

Ordering is open to all and their is no limit.

Download Spirit Pack Brochure

Kellen Moore Passing Academy coming to Richland

The Kellen Moore Passing Academy is coming to Richland June 26th and 27th.

All quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs entering 7th grade through their senior year in high school in 2015 is eligible to attend.

At the camp, you will participate in:

  • Football 101 in the Classroom with Kellen Moore
  • Position Specific Drills
  • Skills Challenge

The camp runs on June 26th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and on June 27th from 8:00am to 12:30pm. Check in begins at Richland High School at 5:30pm on June 26th.

Information, registration and payment is availalable at

The Kellen Moore Passing Academy is sponsored by Richland Bomber Football.

Download the Kellen Moore Passing Academy brochure

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2015 Varsity Schedule
Gonzaga Prep Bullpups 13
Richland Bombers 10
Richland Bombers 52
Shadle Park Highlanders 0
Chiawana Riverhawks 7
Richland Bombers 28
Richland Bombers 45
Hanford Falcons 7
Walla Walla Blue Devils 19
Richland Bombers 31
Richland Bombers 35
Kennewick Lions 7
Pasco Bulldogs 7
Richland Bombers 35
Kamiakin Braves 14
Richland Bombers 27
Richland Bombers 28
Southridge Suns 2
Lewis & Clark Tigers 20
Richland Bombers 42
Richland Bombers 30
Central Valley Bears 3
Richland Bombers 28
Moses Lake Chiefs 23
Richland Bombers 17
Gonzaga Prep Bullpups 31

2015 Junior Varsity
Shadle Park Highlanders 6
Richland Bombers 60
Richland Bombers 36
Chiawana Riverhawks 2
Kiona-Benton Bears @
Richland Bombers
Hanford Falcons 12
Richland Bombers 50
Richland Bombers 60
Walla Walla Blue Devils 0
Kennewick Lions 0
Richland Bombers 54
Richland Bombers 47
Pasco Bulldogs 14
Richland Bombers 50
Kamiakin Braves 0
Southridge Suns @
Richland Bombers

2015 Freshman
Sunnyside Grizzlies 6
Richland Bombers 39
Richland Bombers 28
Shadle Park Highlanders 14
Chiawana Riverhawks 14
Richland Bombers 35
Richland Bombers @
Hanford Falcons
Walla Walla Blue Devils @
Richland Bombers
Richland Bombers @
Kennewick Lions
Pasco Bulldogs @
Richland Bombers
Kamiakin Braves 14
Richland Bombers 70
Richland Bombers @
Southridge Suns